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Getting Started with Chainlink Automation

Chainlink Automation will reliably execute smart contract functions using a variety of triggers. Explore the examples below to see how Chainlink Automation works for each type of trigger. Before you begin, you will need an active cryptocurrency wallet such as Metamask.

  • Time-based trigger: Use a time-based trigger to execute your function according to a time schedule.
  • Custom logic trigger: Use a custom logic trigger to provide custom solidity logic that Automation Nodes evaluate (offchain) to determine when to execute your function onchain.
  • Log trigger: Use log data as both trigger and input.

Click the tabs below to use Chainlink Automation with each type of trigger:

Increment a counter every 5 minutes using our example contract.

  1. Navigate to the Chainlink Automation app and connect to Arbitrum Sepolia in the top dropdown menu.

  2. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the app if you haven't done so already. You may also need to fetch Arbitrum Sepolia testnet LINK here.

  3. Click Register new Upkeep and select Time-based trigger.

  4. Under Target contract address, enter 0x083935210524c0A8922ec610d1063Aa0A54d9d70. This is a simple counter contract that increments with each call. View the source code here.

  5. In the Contract call section, enter addInteger under Target function. In the Function inputs section, enter a number to increment by under intToAdd. Then click Next.

  6. Specify the time schedule, for example every 5 minutes. Paste the cron expression */5 * * * * under Cron expression or select one of the example timers. Then click Next.

  7. To learn more about CRON expressions, click here.

  8. Enter an Upkeep name, your public key address under Admin Address, 500000 under Gas limit, and 0.1 under Starting balance (LINK).

  9. Click Register Upkeep.

  10. After the transaction has completed, you can view the performs for your upkeep in the upkeep details.

You have successfully automated your first time-based upkeep. To learn more about creating time-based upkeeps, read here.

Supported networks and costs

For a list of blockchains that are supported by Chainlink Automation, see the Supported Networks page. To learn more about the cost of using Chainlink Automation, see the Automation Economics page.

Contact us

For help with your specific use case, contact us to connect with one of our Solutions Architects. You can also ask questions about Chainlink Automation on Stack Overflow or the #automation channel in our Discord server. Utility contracts can also help you get started quickly.

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