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New to Chainlink and Smart Contracts?
New to Chainlink and Smart Contracts?

Learn the basics in the Getting Started Guide.

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Chainlink Data Feeds

Data Feeds

Decentralized and high-quality data feeds for DeFi, Reserves, NFTs, sports, weather, and more

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Chainlink Chainlink Functions

Chainlink Functions

Connect smart contracts to a trust-minimized compute infrastructure running on a decentralized oracle network

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Chainlink Automate Contracts

Automate Contracts

Decentralized, highly reliable, cost-efficient and highly secure automation for smart contracts

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Chainlink VRF v2

VRF v2

Verifiable, tamper-proof random number generator for blockchain gaming and NFT projects

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Chainlink External API Calls

External API Calls

Request and receive data from any API using the Chainlink contract library

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Chainlink Node

Need to run your own Chainlink Node?

See the Node Operator’s Guide to learn about starting and maintaining Chainlink Nodes.

Node Operator’s Guide

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