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Example Cross-chain dApps and Tools

Several example dApps and tools are available to help you learn about use cases for CCIP.

CCIP Starter Kits

The CCIP Starter Kits demonstrate how to transfer tokens and send messages using the HardHat or Foundry frameworks.

CCIP Tic Tac Toe

CCIP Tic Tac Toe demonstrates how to build a gaming dApp that operates across multiple blockchain networks.

Cross-chain name service

The Cross-chain Name Service is an educational example of how to create a minimal cross-chain name service using Chainlink CCIP.

DeFi lending

The DeFi Lending examples shows how a cross-chain lending application can work using CCIP.

DeFi liquidation protection

The DeFi liquidation protection example shows how a DeFi dApp can use CCIP to prevent liquidation when lending assets across multiple blockchain networks.

Cross Chain NFT

The Cross Chain NFT example shows you how to mint an NFT on one blockchain from another blockchain.

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