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Price Feed Contract Addresses

To learn how to use these feeds, see the Using Data Feeds guide.

For LINK token and Faucet details, see the LINK Token Contracts page.

Best practices for ETF and Forex feeds

  • Off-chain equity and ETF assets are traded only during standard market hours from 9:30AM to 4:00PM EDT Monday through Friday. Do not use these feeds outside of those windows.
  • Assets on the Forex (Foreign Exchange) markets are traded only from 5PM EDT on Sunday through 4PM EDT on Friday. Additionally, some currencies might trade only during local banking hours. Do not use Forex feeds outside of market hours for the specific currency.

Data feed categories

  • 🟢 Verified Feeds : Feeds that follow a standardized data feeds workflow
  • 🟡 Monitored Feeds : Feeds under review by the Chainlink Labs team to support the stability of the broader ecosystem
  • 🟠 Provisional Feeds : Newly released feeds on a 90-day probationary testing period
  • 🔵 Custom Feeds : Feeds built to serve a specific use case and might not be suitable for general use
  • Specialized Feeds : Purpose-built feeds that might rely on contracts maintained by external entities and require in-depth understanding of composition methodology before use
  • Deprecating : These feeds are scheduled for deprecation. See the Deprecation page to learn more.

See the Selecting Quality Data Feeds page for complete details about each category.

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