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GET > Uint256 Example Job Spec

This is an example v2 (TOML) job spec for calling any public API, retrieving a number , removing its decimals then returning uint256 in one Chainlink API Call. Note that the job calls the fulfillOracleRequest2 function. If you are a node operator, use an Operator contract with this job. To test it from a smart contract, see this Example.

type = "directrequest"
schemaVersion = 1
name = "Get > Uint256 - (TOML)"
maxTaskDuration = "0s"
minIncomingConfirmations = 0
observationSource = """
    decode_log   [type="ethabidecodelog"
                  abi="OracleRequest(bytes32 indexed specId, address requester, bytes32 requestId, uint256 payment, address callbackAddr, bytes4 callbackFunctionId, uint256 cancelExpiration, uint256 dataVersion, bytes data)"

    decode_cbor  [type="cborparse" data="$("]
    fetch        [type="http" method=GET url="$(decode_cbor.get)" allowUnrestrictedNetworkAccess="true"]
    parse        [type="jsonparse" path="$(decode_cbor.path)" data="$(fetch)"]

    multiply     [type="multiply" input="$(parse)" times="$(decode_cbor.times)"]

    encode_data  [type="ethabiencode" abi="(bytes32 requestId, uint256 value)" data="{ \\"requestId\\": $(decode_log.requestId), \\"value\\": $(multiply) }"]
    encode_tx    [type="ethabiencode"
                  abi="fulfillOracleRequest2(bytes32 requestId, uint256 payment, address callbackAddress, bytes4 callbackFunctionId, uint256 expiration, bytes calldata data)"
                  data="{\\"requestId\\": $(decode_log.requestId), \\"payment\\":   $(decode_log.payment), \\"callbackAddress\\": $(decode_log.callbackAddr), \\"callbackFunctionId\\": $(decode_log.callbackFunctionId), \\"expiration\\": $(decode_log.cancelExpiration), \\"data\\": $(encode_data)}"
    submit_tx    [type="ethtx" to="YOUR_ORACLE_CONTRACT_ADDRESS" data="$(encode_tx)"]

    decode_log -> decode_cbor -> fetch -> parse -> multiply -> encode_data -> encode_tx -> submit_tx

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