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Data Streams require several interfaces in order to retrieve and verify reports.

In the current code example for using Data Streams with Automation, these interfaces are specified in the example itself. Imports for these interfaces will be available in the future.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.19;

import {Common} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/libraries/Common.sol";
import {StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/automation/interfaces/StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface.sol";
import {ILogAutomation, Log} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/automation/interfaces/ILogAutomation.sol";
import {IRewardManager} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/interfaces/IRewardManager.sol";
import {IVerifierFeeManager} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/interfaces/IVerifierFeeManager.sol";
import {IERC20} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/vendor/openzeppelin-solidity/v4.8.3/contracts/interfaces/IERC20.sol";


// Custom interfaces for IVerifierProxy and IFeeManager
interface IVerifierProxy {
     * @notice Verifies that the data encoded has been signed.
     * correctly by routing to the correct verifier, and bills the user if applicable.
     * @param payload The encoded data to be verified, including the signed
     * report.
     * @param parameterPayload Fee metadata for billing. For the current implementation this is just the abi-encoded fee token ERC-20 address.
     * @return verifierResponse The encoded report from the verifier.
    function verify(
        bytes calldata payload,
        bytes calldata parameterPayload
    ) external payable returns (bytes memory verifierResponse);

    function s_feeManager() external view returns (IVerifierFeeManager);

interface IFeeManager {
     * @notice Calculates the fee and reward associated with verifying a report, including discounts for subscribers.
     * This function assesses the fee and reward for report verification, applying a discount for recognized subscriber addresses.
     * @param subscriber The address attempting to verify the report. A discount is applied if this address
     * is recognized as a subscriber.
     * @param unverifiedReport The report data awaiting verification. The content of this report is used to
     * determine the base fee and reward, before considering subscriber discounts.
     * @param quoteAddress The payment token address used for quoting fees and rewards.
     * @return fee The fee assessed for verifying the report, with subscriber discounts applied where applicable.
     * @return reward The reward allocated to the caller for successfully verifying the report.
     * @return totalDiscount The total discount amount deducted from the fee for subscribers.
    function getFeeAndReward(
        address subscriber,
        bytes memory unverifiedReport,
        address quoteAddress
    ) external returns (Common.Asset memory, Common.Asset memory, uint256);

    function i_linkAddress() external view returns (address);

    function i_nativeAddress() external view returns (address);

    function i_rewardManager() external view returns (address);

contract StreamsUpkeep is ILogAutomation, StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface {
    struct Report {
        bytes32 feedId; // The feed ID the report has data for
        uint32 validFromTimestamp; // Earliest timestamp for which price is applicable
        uint32 observationsTimestamp; // Latest timestamp for which price is applicable
        uint192 nativeFee; // Base cost to validate a transaction using the report, denominated in the chain’s native token (WETH/ETH)
        uint192 linkFee; // Base cost to validate a transaction using the report, denominated in LINK
        uint32 expiresAt; // Latest timestamp where the report can be verified onchain
        int192 price; // DON consensus median price, carried to 8 decimal places
        int192 bid; // Simulated price impact of a buy order up to the X% depth of liquidity utilisation
        int192 ask; // Simulated price impact of a sell order up to the X% depth of liquidity utilisation

    struct Quote {
        address quoteAddress;

    event PriceUpdate(int192 indexed price);

    IVerifierProxy public verifier;

    address public FEE_ADDRESS;
    string public constant DATASTREAMS_FEEDLABEL = "feedIDs";
    string public constant DATASTREAMS_QUERYLABEL = "timestamp";
    int192 public last_retrieved_price;

    // This example reads the ID for the ETH/USD report on Arbitrum Sepolia.
    // Find a complete list of IDs at
    string[] public feedIds = [

    constructor(address _verifier) {
        verifier = IVerifierProxy(_verifier);

    // This function uses revert to convey call information.
    // See for details.
    function checkLog(
        Log calldata log,
        bytes memory
    ) external returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData) {
        revert StreamsLookup(

     * @notice this is a new, optional function in streams lookup. It is meant to surface streams lookup errors.
     * @return upkeepNeeded boolean to indicate whether the keeper should call performUpkeep or not.
     * @return performData bytes that the keeper should call performUpkeep with, if
     * upkeep is needed. If you would like to encode data to decode later, try `abi.encode`.
    function checkErrorHandler(
        uint256 /*errCode*/,
        bytes memory /*extraData*/
    ) external pure returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData) {
        return (true, "0");
        // Hardcoded to always perform upkeep.
        // Read the StreamsLookup error handler guide for more information.

    // The Data Streams report bytes is passed here.
    // extraData is context data from feed lookup process.
    // Your contract may include logic to further process this data.
    // This method is intended only to be simulated offchain by Automation.
    // The data returned will then be passed by Automation into performUpkeep
    function checkCallback(
        bytes[] calldata values,
        bytes calldata extraData
    ) external pure returns (bool, bytes memory) {
        return (true, abi.encode(values, extraData));

    // function will be performed onchain
    function performUpkeep(bytes calldata performData) external {
        // Decode the performData bytes passed in by CL Automation.
        // This contains the data returned by your implementation in checkCallback().
        (bytes[] memory signedReports, bytes memory extraData) = abi.decode(
            (bytes[], bytes)

        bytes memory unverifiedReport = signedReports[0];

        (, /* bytes32[3] reportContextData */ bytes memory reportData) = abi
            .decode(unverifiedReport, (bytes32[3], bytes));

        // Report verification fees
        IFeeManager feeManager = IFeeManager(address(verifier.s_feeManager()));
        IRewardManager rewardManager = IRewardManager(

        address feeTokenAddress = feeManager.i_linkAddress();
        (Common.Asset memory fee, , ) = feeManager.getFeeAndReward(

        // Approve rewardManager to spend this contract's balance in fees
        IERC20(feeTokenAddress).approve(address(rewardManager), fee.amount);

        // Verify the report
        bytes memory verifiedReportData = verifier.verify(

        // Decode verified report data into a Report struct
        Report memory verifiedReport = abi.decode(verifiedReportData, (Report));

        // Log price from report
        emit PriceUpdate(verifiedReport.price);

        // Store the price from the report
        last_retrieved_price = verifiedReport.price;

    fallback() external payable {}

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