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Streams Trade Interface

To retrieve and verify reports, Streams Trade requires several interfaces.

Automation interfaces

Data Streams interfaces

  • IVerifierProxy
  • IFeeManager

In the code example for using Data Streams with Automation (Streams Trade), the interfaces are specified in the example itself.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity 0.8.19;

import {Common} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/libraries/Common.sol";
import {StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/automation/interfaces/StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface.sol";
import {ILogAutomation, Log} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/automation/interfaces/ILogAutomation.sol";
import {IRewardManager} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/interfaces/IRewardManager.sol";
import {IVerifierFeeManager} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/llo-feeds/interfaces/IVerifierFeeManager.sol";
import {IERC20} from "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.8/vendor/openzeppelin-solidity/v4.8.3/contracts/interfaces/IERC20.sol";


// Custom interfaces for IVerifierProxy and IFeeManager
interface IVerifierProxy {
     * @notice Verifies that the data encoded has been signed.
     * correctly by routing to the correct verifier, and bills the user if applicable.
     * @param payload The encoded data to be verified, including the signed
     * report.
     * @param parameterPayload Fee metadata for billing. For the current implementation this is just the abi-encoded fee token ERC-20 address.
     * @return verifierResponse The encoded report from the verifier.
    function verify(
        bytes calldata payload,
        bytes calldata parameterPayload
    ) external payable returns (bytes memory verifierResponse);

    function s_feeManager() external view returns (IVerifierFeeManager);

interface IFeeManager {
     * @notice Calculates the fee and reward associated with verifying a report, including discounts for subscribers.
     * This function assesses the fee and reward for report verification, applying a discount for recognized subscriber addresses.
     * @param subscriber The address attempting to verify the report. A discount is applied if this address
     * is recognized as a subscriber.
     * @param unverifiedReport The report data awaiting verification. The content of this report is used to
     * determine the base fee and reward, before considering subscriber discounts.
     * @param quoteAddress The payment token address used for quoting fees and rewards.
     * @return fee The fee assessed for verifying the report, with subscriber discounts applied where applicable.
     * @return reward The reward allocated to the caller for successfully verifying the report.
     * @return totalDiscount The total discount amount deducted from the fee for subscribers.
    function getFeeAndReward(
        address subscriber,
        bytes memory unverifiedReport,
        address quoteAddress
    ) external returns (Common.Asset memory, Common.Asset memory, uint256);

    function i_linkAddress() external view returns (address);

    function i_nativeAddress() external view returns (address);

    function i_rewardManager() external view returns (address);

contract StreamsUpkeep is ILogAutomation, StreamsLookupCompatibleInterface {
    struct Report {
        bytes32 feedId; // The feed ID the report has data for
        uint32 validFromTimestamp; // Earliest timestamp for which price is applicable
        uint32 observationsTimestamp; // Latest timestamp for which price is applicable
        uint192 nativeFee; // Base cost to validate a transaction using the report, denominated in the chain’s native token (WETH/ETH)
        uint192 linkFee; // Base cost to validate a transaction using the report, denominated in LINK
        uint32 expiresAt; // Latest timestamp where the report can be verified onchain
        int192 price; // DON consensus median price, carried to 8 decimal places
        int192 bid; // Simulated price impact of a buy order up to the X% depth of liquidity utilisation
        int192 ask; // Simulated price impact of a sell order up to the X% depth of liquidity utilisation

    struct Quote {
        address quoteAddress;

    event PriceUpdate(int192 indexed price);

    IVerifierProxy public verifier;

    address public FEE_ADDRESS;
    string public constant DATASTREAMS_FEEDLABEL = "feedIDs";
    string public constant DATASTREAMS_QUERYLABEL = "timestamp";
    int192 public last_retrieved_price;

    // This example reads the ID for the ETH/USD report on Arbitrum Sepolia.
    // Find a complete list of IDs at
    string[] public feedIds = [

    constructor(address _verifier) {
        verifier = IVerifierProxy(_verifier);

    // This function uses revert to convey call information.
    // See for details.
    function checkLog(
        Log calldata log,
        bytes memory
    ) external returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData) {
        revert StreamsLookup(

     * @notice this is a new, optional function in streams lookup. It is meant to surface streams lookup errors.
     * @return upkeepNeeded boolean to indicate whether the keeper should call performUpkeep or not.
     * @return performData bytes that the keeper should call performUpkeep with, if
     * upkeep is needed. If you would like to encode data to decode later, try `abi.encode`.
    function checkErrorHandler(
        uint256 /*errCode*/,
        bytes memory /*extraData*/
    ) external pure returns (bool upkeepNeeded, bytes memory performData) {
        return (true, "0");
        // Hardcoded to always perform upkeep.
        // Read the StreamsLookup error handler guide for more information.

    // The Data Streams report bytes is passed here.
    // extraData is context data from feed lookup process.
    // Your contract may include logic to further process this data.
    // This method is intended only to be simulated offchain by Automation.
    // The data returned will then be passed by Automation into performUpkeep
    function checkCallback(
        bytes[] calldata values,
        bytes calldata extraData
    ) external pure returns (bool, bytes memory) {
        return (true, abi.encode(values, extraData));

    // function will be performed onchain
    function performUpkeep(bytes calldata performData) external {
        // Decode the performData bytes passed in by CL Automation.
        // This contains the data returned by your implementation in checkCallback().
        (bytes[] memory signedReports, bytes memory extraData) = abi.decode(
            (bytes[], bytes)

        bytes memory unverifiedReport = signedReports[0];

        (, /* bytes32[3] reportContextData */ bytes memory reportData) = abi
            .decode(unverifiedReport, (bytes32[3], bytes));

        // Report verification fees
        IFeeManager feeManager = IFeeManager(address(verifier.s_feeManager()));
        IRewardManager rewardManager = IRewardManager(

        address feeTokenAddress = feeManager.i_linkAddress();
        (Common.Asset memory fee, , ) = feeManager.getFeeAndReward(

        // Approve rewardManager to spend this contract's balance in fees
        IERC20(feeTokenAddress).approve(address(rewardManager), fee.amount);

        // Verify the report
        bytes memory verifiedReportData = verifier.verify(

        // Decode verified report data into a Report struct
        Report memory verifiedReport = abi.decode(verifiedReportData, (Report));

        // Log price from report
        emit PriceUpdate(verifiedReport.price);

        // Store the price from the report
        last_retrieved_price = verifiedReport.price;

    fallback() external payable {}

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