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Chainlink VRF Supported Networks [v1]

Chainlink VRF allows you to integrate provably-fair and verifiably random data in your smart contract.

For implementation details, read Introduction to Chainlink VRF.

Polygon (Matic) Mainnet

Item Value
LINK Token 0xb0897686c545045aFc77CF20eC7A532E3120E0F1
VRF Coordinator 0x3d2341ADb2D31f1c5530cDC622016af293177AE0
Key Hash 0xf86195cf7690c55907b2b611ebb7343a6f649bff128701cc542f0569e2c549da
Fee 0.0001 LINK

Polygon (Matic) Mumbai Testnet

Item Value
LINK Token 0x326C977E6efc84E512bB9C30f76E30c160eD06FB
VRF Coordinator 0x8C7382F9D8f56b33781fE506E897a4F1e2d17255
Key Hash 0x6e75b569a01ef56d18cab6a8e71e6600d6ce853834d4a5748b720d06f878b3a4
Fee 0.0001 LINK

BNB Chain Mainnet

Item Value
LINK Token 0x404460C6A5EdE2D891e8297795264fDe62ADBB75
VRF Coordinator 0x747973a5A2a4Ae1D3a8fDF5479f1514F65Db9C31
Key Hash 0xc251acd21ec4fb7f31bb8868288bfdbaeb4fbfec2df3735ddbd4f7dc8d60103c
Fee 0.2 LINK - initial fees on BNB Chain are meant to cover the highest gas cost prices.

BNB Chain Testnet

Item Value
LINK 0x84b9B910527Ad5C03A9Ca831909E21e236EA7b06
VRF Coordinator 0xa555fC018435bef5A13C6c6870a9d4C11DEC329C
Key Hash 0xcaf3c3727e033261d383b315559476f48034c13b18f8cafed4d871abe5049186
Fee 0.1 LINK

Ethereum Mainnet

Item Value
LINK Token 0x514910771AF9Ca656af840dff83E8264EcF986CA
VRF Coordinator 0xf0d54349aDdcf704F77AE15b96510dEA15cb7952
Key Hash 0xAA77729D3466CA35AE8D28B3BBAC7CC36A5031EFDC430821C02BC31A238AF445
Fee 2 LINK - initial fees on Ethereum are meant to cover the highest gas cost prices.


Item Value
LINK 0x326C977E6efc84E512bB9C30f76E30c160eD06FB
VRF Coordinator 0x2bce784e69d2Ff36c71edcB9F88358dB0DfB55b4
Key Hash 0x0476f9a745b61ea5c0ab224d3a6e4c99f0b02fce4da01143a4f70aa80ae76e8a
Fee 0.1 LINK

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