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Chainlink Functions Service Limits

Supported languagesSupported language of the Source code that is submitted in the Chainlink Functions requestOnly JavaScript is supported for the moment. Your source code can only use vanilla Deno without module imports
Maximum requests in flightThe maximum number of simultaneous Chainlink Functions requests that are not fulfilled yet by the DONLimited by the effective balance
Maximum callback gas limitThe maximum amount of gas that you can set for Chainlink Functions to fulfill your callback function300,000
Maximum subscriptionsMaximum subscriptions that you can createunbounded
Maximum consumer contracts per subscriptionThe maximum number of consumer contracts that you can add to a subscription100
Request fulfillment timeoutThe maximum duration of an in-flight Chainlink Functions request. After this duration, the request times out, and your subscription won't be charged. The estimated request costs are locked, so you have to request that locked funds are returned to your subscription balance5 minutes
Maximum request sizeThe maximum size of a Chainlink Request. This includes the source code, arguments, and secrets30 kilobytes
Maximum returned value sizeThe maximum size of the value that your Function can return256 bytes
Maximum source code execution timeThe maximum amount of time that a source code can run10 seconds
Maximum memory allocated to the source codeThe maximum amount of memory allocated to your source code during execution128 megabytes
HTTP - Maximum queriesThe maximum number of HTTP requests that your source code can make5
HTTP - query timeoutThe maximum duration of an HTTP request before it times out9 seconds
HTTP - Maximum URL lengthLength of the HTTP URL2048 characters
HTTP - Maximum request lengthThe maximum size of an HTTP request, including the request body and HTTP headers30 kilobytes
HTTP - Maximum response lengthThe maximum size of an HTTP response2 megabytes
Max size of request payload CBORThe maximum size of an encoded request30 kilobytes

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