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Node Operators

External adapters are added to the Chainlink node by creating a bridge type. Bridges define the task's name and URL of the external adapter. When a task type is received that is not one of the core adapters, the node will search for a bridge type with that name, utilizing the bridge to your external adapter. Bridge and task type names are case insensitive.

To create a bridge on the node, you can navigate to the "Create Bridge" page in the GUI. From there, you will specify a Name, URL, and optionally the number of Confirmations for the bridge.

If using the command line, you can run the following command to add a bridge:

chainlink bridge '{"name":"randomNumber","url":"http://localhost:3000/randomNumber"}'

"name" should be unique to the local node, and "url" should be the URL of your external adapter, whether local or on a separate machine.

And the node will log the following:

2018-08-29T14:14:56Z [INFO]  Web request
    clientIP= servedAt=2018/08/29 - 09:14:56 status=200
    latency=3.309141ms method=POST path=/v2/bridge_types