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Chainlink is a decentralized oracle which can be used to provide external data to smart contracts. Connecting external data allows a contract to have knowledge of real-world external events, APIs, and other blockchains.

We are currently on the Ethereum test networks, so developers can start creating contracts right now in a testing environment. Ropsten is a great development network for the Ethereum Blockchain, we also support Rinkeby and Kovan. Our goal is to provide a practical development environment so you can be prepared to execute smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network when we go live.

Following our Beginner's Guide is a great way to understand our system and get a contract that is able to execute based on external data. As a decentralized network, Chainlink allows the execution of decentralized contracts to be executed in a secure manner.


  • You are a software developer building Ethereum contracts in Solidity.
  • Chainlink network currently operates only on the Ethereum test networks.
  • Examples in this guide use Remix so you don't need to set up a development environment.
  • You do not need to run a Chainlink or Ethereum node to complete this guide.

What's Next

Download and install MetaMask.

Install MetaMask.

Beginner's Guide

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