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Learning Resources

Welcome to the Resources page. This is a list of links and pages that you might need to help you throughout your learning journey. If you're new to Chainlink, start with the Getting Started guide to better understand the products and services Chainlink offers. This page contains more resources, inspiration, and outreach information to further your learning.

Smart contract learning materials

Videos, tutorials, examples, and bootcamps are a great way to get experience building smart contracts and using Chainlink products. The following learning materials are useful for expanding your knowledge.

Video tutorials

We're constantly uploading new videos to our YouTube channel. Here are some direct links to playlists that may be helpful if you're starting your Chainlink learning journey or if you're looking for interesting ways to apply Chainlink to your project:


Below is a list of applications of Chainlink's products and services sorted by difficulty and type to help you navigate and search for projects that you might find interesting. See the Chainlink Blog to stay up to date with new ways to use Chainlink.

Data feeds

How to Calculate Price Volatility for DeFi Variance SwapsDeFiAdvanced
Build a dApp on Gnosis Chain (xDai) with Secure Data FeedsDeFiMedium
Craft Whiskey Crypto Payments With Chainlink OraclesPaymentsAdvanced
Convert a Vending Machine to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Using Chainlink Data FeedsPaymentsAdvanced
Build a dApp on BNB Chain With Secure Data FeedsDeFiMedium
How to Use Chainlink With HardhatDeFiMedium
Develop a DeFi Project Using PythonDeFiMedium
Build a DeFi Call Option Exchange With Chainlink Data FeedsDeFiAdvanced
Build a DeFi Yield Farming dApp Using Chainlink Data FeedsDeFiAdvanced
Build and Deploy an Avalanche Smart ContractDeFiBeginner

Randomness (VRF)

How to Get a Random Number on PolygonDeFiMedium
Build Your Own Dynamic NFT With HardhatNFTAdvanced
Build, Deploy, and Sell Your Own Dynamic NFTNFTAdvanced
How to Build a Blockchain LotteryGamblingAdvanced

API requests

Build a Real Estate dApp With Chainlink OraclesReal-EstateMedium
Off-Chain Computation: Statistical Analysis With ChainlinkStatistical AnalysisAdvanced
Blockchain Fintech Tutorial: Lending and Borrowing With PythonLendingMedium
Build a Blockchain-Based Fantasy Sports Game Using a Chainlink External AdapterSportsMedium
Fetch IPFS Data in Smart Contracts Using a Chainlink External AdapterAudiusMedium
How to Connect a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) API to a Smart Contract With ChainlinkSecurityMedium
Build a Marine Insurance Smart Contract With ChainlinkInsuranceMedium
How to Build a Parametric Insurance Smart ContractInsuranceAdvanced
Connect a Smart Contract to the Twitter APISocial MediaAdvanced
Build an RFID Blockchain Integration With Chainlink External AdaptersIdentificationAdvanced
How to Connect a Tesla Vehicle API to a Smart Contract Via a Chainlink External AdapterTransportationAdvanced
OAuth and API Authentication in Smart ContractsSecurityAdvanced
Connect APIs to your Smart Contracts using ChainlinkNFTAdvanced


Automation Introduction VideoAutomationBeginner
Smart Contract Automation Master Class Module #1AutomationBeginner
Smart Contract Automation Master Class Module #2AutomationBeginner
Smart Contract Automation Master Class Module #3AutomationBeginner
Smart Contract Automation Master Class Module #4AutomationBeginner
Entropyfi Saves Engineering Hours with Chainlink AutomationGamingMedium
Enabling Limit Orders on CivTrade With Chainlink AutomationTradingMedium
Pickle Finance UniV3 Jars Powered by Chainlink AutomationFinanceMedium
JamonSwap Introduces New Limit Order Functionality Using Chainlink AutomationDeFiMedium
How Cratos used Chainlink Automation to automate the token vesting processDeFiMedium
How ApeSwap Integrated Chainlink Automation for BANANA Maximizer VaultsDeFiMedium

Game resources

Coding bootcamps

Starter kits

Our Starter Kits help jumpstart your full-stack development process. You can get starter kits for Brownie (Python), Truffle (Javascript), and Hardhat (Javascript). See the Engineering Tutorials playlist to learn more about each kit and how to use them.

External tutorials

More inspiration

Looking for more ways to use Chainlink? Here are some resources that discuss Chainlink's use cases as well as the winning projects we've had in our previous hackathons. There is also a link to the Marketplace where you can find the latest data provider nodes and explore the network.


The Chainlink community is an inviting group of engineers that is always looking to help users expand their knowledge on Chainlink and solve related issues. Refer back to the Getting Help page for the latest information about how to get support.

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