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Contract Addresses

Chainlink VRF allows you to integrate provably-fair and verifiably random data in your smart contract.

For implementation details, read Introduction to Chainlink VRF.

Polygon (Matic) Mainnet


Early Access

VRF on Polygon is currently in early access mode. If you wish to use VRF on Polygon, please contact us at [email protected].

Polygon (Matic) Mumbai Testnet

LINK Token0x326C977E6efc84E512bB9C30f76E30c160eD06FB
VRF Coordinator0x8C7382F9D8f56b33781fE506E897a4F1e2d17255
Key Hash0x6e75b569a01ef56d18cab6a8e71e6600d6ce853834d4a5748b720d06f878b3a4
Fee0.0001 LINK

Ethereum Mainnet


Early Access

For the most efficient consumption of Chainlink VRF on Ethereum, please contact us at [email protected] to create a payment channel, through which we can provide VRF to you at the cost of Ethereum network gas fees. You will only be paying for the gas costs incurred by the Chainlink node from calling your smart contract.


VRF Coordinator0xdD3782915140c8f3b190B5D67eAc6dc5760C46E9
Key Hash0x6c3699283bda56ad74f6b855546325b68d482e983852a7a82979cc4807b641f4
Fee0.1 LINK


VRF Coordinator0xb3dCcb4Cf7a26f6cf6B120Cf5A73875B7BBc655B
Key Hash0x2ed0feb3e7fd2022120aa84fab1945545a9f2ffc9076fd6156fa96eaff4c1311
Fee0.1 LINK

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Contract Addresses

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