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In summary, we've discussed the Chainlink framework, applying the framework to your own project, and using the framework to request and receive data for your contract.

This section is meant to support your next steps in launching a successful Chainlinked project by providing a complete example of executing a Chainlink project from start to finish. As such, the follow pages walk you through setting up a new contract with testnet LINK and subsequently deploying, funding, and using that new contract.

Here are the assumptions we're considering when guiding our readers through this section:

  • You are a software developer building Ethereum contracts in Solidity.
  • Examples in this guide use Remix so you don't need to set up a development environment.
  • You do not need to run a Chainlink or Ethereum node to complete this guide.

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What's Next

Download and install MetaMask.

Install, configure, & fund MetaMask

Example Walkthrough

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