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Decentralized Oracles (Mainnet)

Using Multiple Oracles to Provide Greater Reliability

In addition to sending requests to individual oracles, you are also able to use multiple oracles that verify the accuracy of the same result. Using multiple oracles helps gurantee that the results provided to your smart contract are accurate, creating a high degree of assurance that your smart contract is being triggered correctly.

Each oracle supports the same type of request, as indicated by the Tasks column, so you can send the same parameters to multiple oracles to ensure that your contract is not reliant on a single node to execute. See the Receiving Data from Multiple Oracles section for an example.

On this page, we list the available oracles running on each test network and their available Job IDs. You will need a Job ID in order to request data from Chainlink. Be sure to familiarize yourself with creating Chainlinked projects , and our Solidity Reference.

We first show the oracle contracts on each network. It is important to note that you must use the Job ID associated with the correct oracle contract. Meaning, Job IDs associated with the Chainlink Team will only work when sent to the Chainlink Team's oracle address.

The tables on this page will help you understand what the Job ID represents. In the first column, we list the tasks associated with the job. For further reading on what makes up a job in a Chainlink node, take a look at the Job Specifications page. In the middle column, we give the Job ID for each available oracle, listed alphabetically. In the third column, we display the parameters that are required to be given per-request. For further reading on request parameters, see the Request & Receive Data page.

Important Information

Each oracle will wait for 3 confirmations before processing a request.

Job ID

Certus One: 8d5430fd1b5c46078f8f37ff73be25c6
Chainlayer: 35167569e99342f28bb651f71ce9ab32
Chainlink: 013f25963613411badc2ece3a92d0800
Fiews: 0d21526754cc4cc3a53f1d4973454adc fc094efec8cb442897a69eb4901d5817 5974e0449a964d44a94605615648db5f
LinkPool: e56c18ef26c24693bf69aeeab7cdf943
Omniscience: 143d85b4529e4649957163f57c01988f
Secure Data Links: 519ac9986d28424fbe9e43b698eeb833 98b12bacbfab45df9deabe9ce6c1c82d

Certus One: ecbc7a8fabaf41c4980cf4a5e1363461
Chainlayer: 8d390a3da91a43f2bbc9d1abf973f00f
Chainlink: aca45ec53db44192bd874c5a0436598a
Fiews: a9adb8bb48044961b0334eec95686afe c20c8e4e4e2a40f8a3c6fe3b1743adfb ec75e580a49143b18f1febffe720f7af
LinkPool: 9b1e69e77ce447a09535ece6dbc2b51c
Omniscience: 345edb4115d1465e85baa8536a4a1cdf
Secure Data Links: 380e48f48a0645fda71e55692c77e752 f852d86213df4039bf13001461f13780

Certus One: 8715563950ef460aa016645becb8dc0d
Chainlayer: 291aa8de1ad74189a6313ac567042f06
Chainlink: 1b8ba62828ea4abbba0912a1bf297d25
Fiews: 79d17c42a2694b408a6393a9ee8fbff2 6444348206224dd7bebfa033730c533d 5108e063d91f4c128c84a2958bf561e8
LinkPool: 487f4c87101e4d9e8f6941a37a681167
Omniscience: a8b524c6eb0344068fa394ee1116d8b2
Secure Data Links: 0e3c2a4a5e594a25a17e30efb9338269 16ad478a743e46438db7a72e1d607d1a

Certus One: 638fcbcbc01644e9ae25cbf71ffb2561
Chainlayer: 8158d25d18a24b89bce53e7bc7cd645a
Chainlink: f291f8597d174f4aa1983b0e27ae160f
Fiews: 98839fc3b550436bbe752f82d7521843 1083b6b9aab84f07a85299876a425e07 681242a3c1874bb0871f212e92f91a95
LinkPool: 1bc4f827ff5942eaaa7540b7dd1e20b9
Omniscience: 672232ae637a45dca61ecb10a90a5da5
Secure Data Links: a32d79b72f28437b8a30788ca62b0f21 176873ab4fc34537a4553ccab2885bac

Certus One: fe04e3ec99604aad975309981fe05317
Chainlayer: dd8ac03c035d4f3d87fb073cc63bf388
Chainlink: fc88961dbd4f47a88243ab7b444da832
Fiews: 531efbbea5424b19bcbcb3f593cf9ac4 370245df6c424edcae08480c0f9ab963 17357dc10c9341d0899858f83e90098b
LinkPool: 4febd3bd5c894019b25e9fd3047605d9
Omniscience: 4e54c39f19f5467d81b8608038a51c9e
Secure Data Links: 82338f6440f04ebea4ef246bd4153dd9 3984ac174be84ce5916335d65cd0aae3

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Decentralized Oracles (Mainnet)

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