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Get Started

Create a Chainlinked Project

This page explains how to install and use the Chainlink Library in your projects.


If you're new to smart contract development and want a step-by-step guide, try out our Example Walkthrough

Install into Existing Projects

If you already have a project, you can add Chainlink to it by using the following package managers.


Install using NPM

npm install @chainlink/contracts --save


Install using Yarn

yarn add @chainlink/contracts

Create a New Project

If you're creating a new project from scratch, these commands will help you set up your project to interact with Chainlink.

OpenZeppelin Starter Kit

If you are using OpenZeppelin Starter Kits, you can create a new project by running:

oz unpack smartcontractkit/box

Truffle Box

Install Truffle with NPM:

npm install truffle -g

With Truffle installed, run the commands below to unbox a Chainlinked contract into a new directory.

mkdir MyChainlinkedProject
cd MyChainlinkedProject/
truffle unbox smartcontractkit/box

For more details on how to use the Truffle, see this blog post.

Using Chainlink Contracts

Once you have the Chainlink library installed, you can leverage the Chainlink ecosystem.

If you're interested in retrieving up to date crypto prices in your contracts, learn more about our Price Feeds.

If you need to consume randomness in your contracts, learn about Chainlink VRF.

And if you want your contracts to retrieve data from off-chain APIs, learn about Using Any API.

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What's Next

Learn how to consume crypto prices, random numbers and how to call any API from your smart contracts

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Introduction to Chainlink VRF
Introduction to Using Any API

Create a Chainlinked Project

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