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Chainlink Alarm Clock (Testnet)

You can use Chainlink to trigger a smart contract at a specified time. Using this Chainlink, you will create a request with a timestamp for the node to call back to your desired function. You can include additional logic in that function to perform additional computation.

Steps For Using This Oracle

  • Write and deploy your Chainlinked contract using the network details below
  • Fund it with LINK (0.1 LINK is required per-request)
  • Call your request method

Chainlink Network Details

You will need to use the following LINK token address, oracle address, and JobSpec ID in order to create the Chainlink request.


LINK token address: 0xa36085F69e2889c224210F603D836748e7dC0088
Oracle address: 0xAA1DC356dc4B18f30C347798FD5379F3D77ABC5b
JobID: 982105d690504c5d9ce374d040c08654

Create your Chainlinked contract

Import ChainlinkClient.sol into your contract so you can inherit the ChainlinkClient behavior.

pragma solidity ^0.4.24;

import "chainlink/contracts/ChainlinkClient.sol";

contract ChainlinkAlarmClock is ChainlinkClient {

  uint256 oraclePayment;

  constructor(uint256 _oraclePayment) public {
    oraclePayment = _oraclePayment;
  // Additional functions here:


Request Parameters



The timestamp for which the Chainlink node will wait to respond.


now keyword

Solidity 0.7.0 deprecated the now keyword. For contracts ^0.7.0, you must use block.timestamp

Solidity example

req.addUint("until", now + 5 minutes);

Chainlink Examples

This example shows how to create the request for the Chainlink node:

function delayStart
  address _oracle,
  bytes32 _jobId
  Chainlink.Request memory req = buildChainlinkRequest(_jobId, this, this.fulfill.selector);
  req.addUint("until", now + 5 minutes);
  sendChainlinkRequestTo(_oracle, req, oraclePayment);

This example shows the callback method:

function fulfill(bytes32 _requestId)
  /* additional computation here */

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Chainlink Alarm Clock (Testnet)

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