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ETH Call Task

Makes a non-mutating contract call to the specified contract with the specified data payload.


  • contract: the address of the contract to call.
  • data: the data to attach to the call (including the function selector).
  • gas: the amount of gas to attach to the transaction.
  • from: The from address with which the call should be made. Defaults to zero address.
  • gasPrice: The gasPrice for the call. Defaults to zero.
  • gasTipCap: The gasTipCap (EIP-1559) for the call. Defaults to zero.
  • gasFeeCap: The gasFeeCap (EIP-1559) for the call. Defaults to zero.
  • gasUnlimited: A boolean indicating if unlimited gas should be provided for the call. If set to true, do not pass the gas parameter.


An ABI-encoded byte array containing the return value of the contract function.


encode_call  [type="ethabiencode"
              abi="checkUpkeep(bytes data)"
              data="{ \\"data\\": $(upkeep_data) }"]

call          [type="ethcall"

decode_result [type="ethabidecode"
               abi="bool upkeepNeeded, bytes performData"

encode_call -> call -> decode_result

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