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ETH ABI Encode Task

Encodes a bytes payload according to ETH ABI encoding, typically in order to perform an ETH Call or an ETH Tx.


  • abi: a canonical ETH ABI argument string. Should be formatted exactly as in Solidity. Each argument must be named. If a method name is provided, the 4-byte method signature is prepended to the result. Examples:
    • uint256 foo, bytes32 bar, address[] baz
    • fulfillRequest(bytes32 requestID, uint256 answer)
  • data: a map of the values to be encoded. The task will make a best effort at converting values to the appropriate types.


A byte array.


encode [type="ethabiencode"
        abi="fulfillRequest(bytes32 requestID, uint256 answer)"
        data="{\\"requestID\\": $(foo), \\"answer\\": $(bar)}"

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