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ETH ABI Decode Task

Decodes a ETH ABI-encoded payload, typically the result of an ETH Call task.


  • abi: a canonical ETH ABI argument string. Should be formatted exactly as in Solidity. Each argument must be named. Examples:
    • uint256 foo, bytes32 bar, address[] baz
    • address a, uint80[3][] u, bytes b, bytes32 b32
  • data: the ABI-encoded payload to decode. Can be:
    • a byte array
    • a hex-encoded string beginning with 0x


A map containing the decoded values.


decode [type="ethabidecode"
        abi="bytes32 requestID, uint256 price, address[] oracles"

This task will return a map with the following schema:

    "requestID": ..., // [32]byte value
    "price": ...,     // a number
    "oracles": [

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