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Job Pipelines

Writing pipelines

Pipelines are composed of tasks arranged in a DAG (directed acyclic graph). Pipelines are expressed in DOT syntax.

Each node in the graph is a task with a user-specified ID and a set of configuration parameters and attributes:

my_fetch_task [type="http" method=GET url=""]

The edges between tasks define how data flows from one task to the next. Some tasks can have multiple inputs, such as median. Other tasks are limited to 0 (http) or 1 (jsonparse).

data_source_1  [type="http" method=GET url=""]
data_source_2  [type="http" method=GET url=""]
medianize_data [type="median"]
submit_to_ea   [type="bridge" name="my_bridge"]

data_source_1 -> medianize_data
data_source_2 -> medianize_data
medianize_data -> submit_to_ea

DAG Example

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