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Keeper Jobs

Keeper jobs occasionally poll a smart contract method that expresses whether something in the contract is ready for some on-chain action to be performed. When it’s ready, the job executes that on-chain action.


  • Liquidations
  • Rebalancing portfolios
  • Rebase token supply adjustments
  • Auto-compounding
  • Limit orders

Spec format

type            = "keeper"
schemaVersion   = 1
evmChainID      = 1
name            = "example keeper spec"
contractAddress = "0x7b3EC232b08BD7b4b3305BE0C044D907B2DF960B"
fromAddress     = "0xa8037A20989AFcBC51798de9762b351D63ff462e"

Shared fields

See shared fields.

Unique fields

  • evmChainID: The numeric chain ID of the chain on which Chainlink Automation Registry is deployed
  • contractAddress: The address of the Chainlink Automation Registry contract to poll and update
  • fromAddress: The Oracle node address from which to send updates
  • externalJobID: This is an optional field. When omitted it will be generated

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