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Chainlink Automation

Chainlink Automation enables conditional execution of your smart contracts functions through a hyper-reliable and decentralized automation platform that uses the same external network of node operators that secures billions in value. Building on Chainlink Automation will help you get to market faster so you don't have to deal with the setup cost, ongoing maintenance, and risks associated with a centralized automation stack. To take full advantage of the Chainlink Automation infrastructure, read all of the documentation to understand the features of Chainlink Automation.

To learn more about how the Chainlink Automation Network automates your smart contracts, read the Chainlink Automation Architecture page. You can also learn more through our additional Automation resources.

Chainlink Automation

Select a trigger

Chainlink Automation will reliably execute smart contract functions using a variety of triggers.

  • Time-based trigger: Use a time-based trigger to execute your function according to a time schedule. This feature is also called the Job Scheduler and it is a throwback to the Ethereum Alarm Clock. Time-based trigger contracts do not need to be compatible with the AutomationCompatibleInterface contract.
  • Custom logic trigger: Use a custom logic trigger to provide custom solidity logic that Automation Nodes evaluate (off-chain) to determine when to execute your function on-chain. Your contract must meet the requirements to be compatible with the AutomationCompatibleInterface contract. Custom logic examples include checking the balance on a contract, only executing limit orders when their levels are met, any one of our coded examples, and many more.

Supported networks and costs

For a list of blockchains that is supported by Chainlink Automation, see the Supported Networks page. To learn more about the cost of using Chainlink Automation, see the Automation Economics page.

Questions and examples

To understand different use cases for Chainlink Automation, refer to our EXAMPLES.

If you have questions, read the Chainlink Automation Frequently Asked Questions page, ask them in the #automation channel in our Discord server, or reach out to us.

What's next

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